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What in the world does Bush have to do with it?

You can nail Bush for a few things, not the least of which was trusting the war effort in Iraq and Afghanistan to a militarily incompetent moron (Rumsfeld) and not doing anything about his incompetence for years. Blaming Bush for your current economic woes is absolute nonsense, however. Look at the facts: The poor now pay the smallest percentage of taxes in US history. Over forty percent of wage earners in this country pay absolutely no tax at all. The rich pay far more in taxes now than they did in 2001, when Bush took office....and that's even when you consider the tax cuts he gave to those horrible, mean, rich people. Most troubling - where, oh where, did you ever get the crazy idea that the government was here to make your life easier and you more successful? Everything you accomplish in life will be from YOUR efforts. If you're waiting for the government to show you the way, you'll be a penniless failure for the rest of your life.


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