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How old are you...or how bad is your memory, if you're not young? The global economy was in full swing when his daddy was president. Bill Clinton did more to foster a global and hemispheric economy than either of the Bushes. If you think that China and India are using more energy because of George Bush, you need to stop smoking whatever it is you are smoking, and start hitting the textbooks a lot more. For example, do you recall that when the Kyoto Treaty failed to go anywhere in the Senate DURING PRESIDENT CLINTON'S ADMINISTRATION, the reason was because it gave a pass to Brazil, India, and China, three booming economies and soon-to-be economic superpowers? That was long before George Bush strolled into the White House. Trust me on this one - Economics and History is where you need to be directing your efforts. George Bush is guilty of two things: Naively believing that "war lite" would work, after Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm proved that it can't, and not forcing his own party to toe the line on spending when they controlled Congress. Both contributed to our national debt, which is a big part of why the entire economy is currently bleeding, but like I said in another post on another board, the world oil market is too big for ANY president to heavily influence the price. Oil price is based entirely upon supply and perceived demand.


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