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You want the government to take over drilling?

What in the world makes you think that the government knows anything about drilling for oil? If companies like Transocean, BP, and Haliburton, who have been doing this for decades can have a major accident, how do you think the government will do?

With the current gang that can't shoot straight in charge, odds say that they'd blow billions of dollars drilling and never find any oil.

BTW, an oil spill in warmer waters is not comparable to the colder waters of Prince William Sound. The Ixtoc blowout dumped about 420,000 gallons of oil a day into the Gulf of Mexico for nine months, and the environmental impact was non-existent save for one lost tourist season on the Texas and Mexican beaches.

The oil breaks down much faster in warm water and estimates are that as much as a third of the oil spilled since last month may have already evaporated.

I feel bad for the birds and marine mammals as well, but the simple fact is that we need this oil. We learned a lot from Santa Barbara in '69 and we'll learn a lot from this, too.


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