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What does greed have to do with the current situation?

Greed makes BP, RIG, and HAL rejoice at a million dollars worth of oil floating away every third day?

Their greed makes them overjoyed at ten years of pending litigation that will cost them billions?

You act as if this was intentional.

Tell me - when a commercial airliner crashes, and keep in mind that that's one of the most heavily regulated areas in federal law, is that always due to the airline's greed?

We will learn from this accident the same as we learned from Santa Barabara and Piper Alpha.

Meanwhile, show me any other industry that has a safety record to match offshore drilling....and ask yourself if the federal ban on flaring contributed to this disaster.

I'd love to read your post if you were sitting in mile-long lines to buy gasoline, as we were in 1973. It's SOOOOOOO easy to hate the oil companies without every thinking of their contribution to building America. This country was built on oil, coal, and natural gas.

You can hate that fact and the oil companies as much as your little heart desires, but you need them and will for many years to come.


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