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Wake up call!

If you think that you're going to find a BTU equivalent replacement for gasoline in ten years, you're dreaming. Ethanol is doomed because it's still energy negative and the liberal saps can't grasp that it's more important that we drive than Sri Lankans eat. (Of course, the Sri Lankans likely disagree, but we're the ones growing the corn.) Fuel cell use in mobile platforms is going nowhere fast, and the hydrogen distribution system in this country isn't exactly booming. Biodiesel has great promise, but is having more than its fair share of birthing pains. It, too, is crippled by the "What will they eat" distraction. If a soybean can go to food use or biodiesel, it should go to.... ...the higher bidder. We need to be exploring alternatives to gasoline AND drilling at the same time. Like I said earlier, I fully intend to be here, driving and buying gasoline, in ten years, and increased supply will lower prices. Take the time to study the Pickens Plan. Not perfect, but better than depending upon pipe dream alternatives that may never come to fruition.


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