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Are you people kidding me?

Ok, first of all...Are ya'll kidding? Creekwood? 3am? Aint nothing going on in there at 3am thats legal. Admit it if you live there, learn it if you dont. Second, most people that live in there are decent people, but are scared of the younger generation thats taken over. There is more disrespect to the elders there than anywhere in the county. Most of the 13-30 yr olds are rude, violent and flat out obnoxious. They will chase you down, especially if you get caught behind public transpo and are white, asking you "whatchu want? whatchu need?" then tell you to get the hell out of there if you dont buy drugs. The parents and grandparents of the 13-30 yr olds are scared of them and cannot solve the problem, yet I believe wish they could. Its time to clean house back there and put time limits on the government subsidized housing. There are 3 generations of families that have lived back there in the same place...on the taxpayers dollars. How about a 1-2 yr limit? And how about the citizens of Creekwood GROW a pair and take back their neighborhood from the dropout hoodlums and gangsters and quit supporting them? Everytime you see the cops back there, the citizens are arguing with the cops, telling them to get the hell out of there. YOU CANT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS PEOPLE! Either help them or continue to live in the degenerate cesspool that Creekwood has become. BET/MTV/ Rap music sure has helped raise some good children hasnt it? Good job parents!


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