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Okay…A mistake, so some of you are saying he made a mistake, he is being charged with murder, shooting someone or being involved somehow, what if he had was drinking and driving and killed someone. Would you all consider it a “mistake” I highly doubt it. He made the choice now he has to live with it. As for the comment about the Landfall murder, lets not compare statistics from any “government housing” communities to one that has hard working people, or people who have inherited money from their hard working family. The “assistance” (free ride) that a good portion of the residence of Creekwood, is teaching people it is okay to be lazy, giving them the mentality that if I got a real job (tax paying) they are going to take some of the assistance away. I’ve heard people make that remark. And they don’t want that so they go out and make quick un-honest money. I mean I hope my tax dollars don’t pay for them to be “fly and rock ice” have their grills and drive a $45k+ SUV with their 22in chrome wheels. They are making a lot of money somehow. I wonder?? If there are residence of that area that are tired of the crime and filth that flocks to Creekwood, do something about it get a job, or the easiest of all cooperate with the police the motto “cops aren’t waiters so they don’t get tips” is pure BS. We all make our lives so don’t complain when you are not willing to do something about it. As for the parents I know when I was 17 there was no way in hell I was out at 3am. My parents knew what went on where I grew up, Philadelphia. Why are parents so scared of their children? Military school, boot camp, there are all types of “tough love.” If I would have committed a crime at 17 and my parents knew about it they would have been the first to turn me in. Thank god they taught me right from wrong when I was a small child. The excuses need to just stop.


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