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I just think its funny that

I just think its funny that people keep commenting to he "misfortunate" in the projects that u can't visit the keep commiting crimes against good people. If all of these "intelligent" minds would come together and see that not only there is a problem there, but it is not going to be solved by poeple mnaking comments about the co-habitators of creekwood's financial status, or whether or not your tax money is footing their bills, even though they are, and just take the time and see through what the news story is actually telling you. yes, there was a wrong done, but not by anyone that actually lives in that neighborhood. NEITHER of the assailants are residents of creekwood... and everytime something happens to someone out there, the criminal usually lives miles away, probably right near you. Everybody keeps talkin about tearing creekwood down, they shouldn't tear it down, they should make the same people the jail for tearing it down come out there and do some community service cleaning it up, so that the decent people that have to be afraid to tell on them can witness retribution, first hand. Furthermore, they already have an identification system in place out there, they need to enforce a little bit stronger. Maybe they should get a gatekeeper, and a curfew, and anyone without resident indentification or out there after visiting hours cannot be allowed to loiter 30th street. Those are things that can acutally make a difference without making people that live out there and get up and go to work everyday and support their families and pay the same taxes you do, don't have to feel like the roaches "tearing down their hopeless community" makes them feel like. Creekwood is being destroyed by the very people we call our neighbors, the ones that come out to buy the drugs and the ones that come out there to sell the drugs and then they come home and sleep right next door to you and me.


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