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They say ignorance is bliss and I suppose you are very happy. If you ever took time to understand how and why people live in low income housing, then you would know that most of them do not want or like to live there. Everyone who lives in the "projects" aren't drug dealers and criminals, but those who are are put in the eye of the media to point out as the root of the cities crime problems. Your tax money pays to help people who are on the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum, not to "rock ice". Also if you would take a look at who is actually committing the crimes, they are not even residents! And about the Landfall murder, you are correct we shouldn't try and compare statistics. I say this because the fact of the matter is that community is filled with Caucasian faces; who have active law enforcement presence, who will respond very quickly to a 911 call, or even a concern about a perceived threat. The residents of Creekwood live in fear of retaliation from gang members and other threats, which would not even exist if Wilmington P.D. did their job. And people here do work and aren't just "looking for handouts", hard worker or not people aren't enthusiastic about giving you a job if they know you live in Creekwood. Because like you, they assume that you are lazy, a criminal, or generally a bad person. My last point is just don't be so quick to judge! All of the youth of Creekwood are not degenerates! I myself lived in Creekwood for a large part of my youth and I am a North Carolina State University senior, who will be getting my degree in Biological Sciences in the Fall, all due to proper parenting, despite the circumstances of low income housing!


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