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wolfpack o9

Congratulations on your success. Your parents had a lot to do with that I am sure. You are not the norm. How many others do you know that have a college degree that live there? How many even graduated HS? The problem is that the residents can not seem to break the cycle. You apparently have and your children will be successful as you are. That is one bright light on this entire situation. I know you have seen the bad parenting, the non parents that breed just to get a check. I am sure it disgusts you as it does the rest of society. Most of these kids are bright and need encouragement from responsible adults. My Father and Uncle were raised in total poverty. Both of them were brilliant boys. My Uncle got a full scholarship at Cambridge and my Father went to night school for 8 years while working full time, went on to own his own company and holds many patents including one of the first ink jet printer nozzles. It can be done but I feel sure the system makes it so easy for people to do nothing and still get rewarded that it will be impossible to break this sick cycle carousel that they are on.


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