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Wow, another one of the Boney family???

Before you make a dumb statement like that, please do some research. No we are not a perfect family and don't pretend to be. But statments like this is just not called for. WPD is a joke when it comes to protecting the black communities in Wilmington. Contrary to what you believe, my nephew was raised by two loving parents. No, police can't be parents, but they can and should serve and protect all communities equaled. All parents can do is teach and pray for their children. It is up to the child to obey. When they don't, it is not the parents fault. I remember days when my teens would come home late. What they did when they were out is beyond me. I just hoped that they conducted themselves in a proper manner. If they chosed to do wrong, it would have been on them. There is no way one should put the blame on my brother and his wife. My prayers are with the family of the victim.


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