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I gaurentee that 90% off the people on here running there mouth about "my tax dollars" and "Creekwood is a Cesspool" have never had to struggle and had a silver spoon in your mouth. Let me tell you, I am WHITE and I lived in Creekwood, Houston Moore, and Garden Lakes! I have seen first hand people going to school, and going to work everyday! Some people do take advantage of the system, WHITE, BLACK, and LATINO.....! There are others who are trying to get on thier feet and this is the only option you have (which was my case) I worked my way up and out and there are others that are doing the same. The only reason there are not more WHITE people in the "Projects" is because they are scared, who's fault is that? Public Housing is Public Housing, it is not called BLACK housing. People sit her and try to make it seem like BLACKs are the only people using housing, and getting food stamps, and welfare checks....Have you ever been in Social Services? There an even amount of all races in there..... Yep I sure did use WIC when I was pregnant and I worked all 9 months of my pregnancy for $7.00 to $8.00 an hour, and my Rent in the "Projects" was $30.00 less than Full Rent, BIG BREAK I GOT! People learn your facts, know what your talking about.....Do you know how many times I was pulled over my WPD when I LIVED in the "projects" , numerous times because what? I WAS WHITE in the "Hood" Talk about racial Profiling....I guess I was coming to buy crack, but why not get the people selling crack, why me? I do not think that this woman bieng killed was justified, it was a bad choice, but parents are not to blame! 17 knows right from wrong, 5 year olds know right from wrong.....If for goodness sake it was your child would you want to be critisized when you have done the best that you could? What we really need to figure out is how why CHILD MOLESTERS and PEDIFILES, RAPISTS and MURDERERS are getting 2,3,4 years in prison and a Coke Dealer is getting 10,15,20! Nobody forces you to get hooked on, buy, or smoke crack. Do you have to choice to be murdered or raped? OUR JUDICIAL SYSTEM IS FLAWED! To the family of this lady, I am sorry for your loss and I hope you find piece and forgiveness in your heart. For the families of the boys who are presumed to have commited the crime, I am sorry for your loss as well and hope you can find piece in your heart, you have lost a child as well. Please people stop talking about how the government is supporting Creekwood and public housing and find a way to help in the community! If you own a business give someone a job, offer an oppurtunity to someone....BLACK, WHITE, work together to help each other and god forbid you never fall on hard times and need the system and "My Tax Dollars" have to support you!!! Ignorance is Bliss!


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