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I remember when my kids came in late, too.

They didn't come in late for the next week or two, because they were grounded one week for every hour (or portion thereof) they were late. Grounded was also GROUNDED. My older daughter once snuck out her bedroom window to see her boyfriend while she was grounded. She only did that once, because it quadrupled her grounding and led to her bedroom window being nailed shut. Children learn self-discipline through a system of rewards and punishments. When they do well, they get rewarded. When they mess up, they get punished. By the time they are seventeen, they generally KNOW what's acceptable and what isn't. That's why most seventeen year-olds are home, asleep at 3 AM, and why they don't shoot people for recreational activity. You make it sound as if parents are helpless, and can do nothing when teens disobey them. That's an absolutely ridiculous attitude. Who the heck is in charge at home?


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