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Sounds like you have "issues" I do pay taxes and I'll be DANGED if people should be allowed to STEAL from my family to take care of THEIRS...people need to start taking care of THEMSELVES and stop blaming A or B for THEIR life choices. YOU were living in the HOOD because of YOUR parents life choices, that is NO ONES fault but THEIRS. You wanna know what...I don't give a FLYING TRAPEZE FLIP what goes on downtown or anywhere else...what I DO care about is what goes on in MY neighborhood and what I have to deal with. I GUARANTEE you that if I drive downtown ANY day of the school week I will find AT LEAST FOUR TIMES as many school age kids skipping school with their parents walking the streets as I do in my neighborhood...I am ALL FOR a helping hand for someone on tough times...but my patience is growing THIN for people that take it and take it and take it without trying to get THEMSELVES out of a situation they are in. Wants some help, FINE, want a free hand out...SORRY! Get of your high horse, not everybody that has done well in life or that doesn't live in the hood have silver spoons in their mouths! We just bust our arses and have different sets of priorities!


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