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"You Know Nothing About This Family"

Everybody keep blaming the parents for the things their children do. You can only raise your children to the best of your ability, explain to them right from wrong and hope that they make the right choices. The child, especially at their ages, control their own destiny. And as for the remarks about the "BONEY" family....The parents of Thaddeus were always and still is hard working people. Their children never wanted for anything!!! And I know this first hand. There was no reason whatsoever for Thaddeus to rob these people, all he had to do is ask his parents, they would have given him money. Thaddeus was pretty much a spoiled kid, all of them were spoiled; they pretty much got what they wanted from their parents, that's why to this day, I don't understand why he was mixed up in this crime. The Boney Family have a very luxurious 3500 square feet home in Atlanta, Ga. This family doesn't live in Creekwood. They have at one point in their lives, many years ago, but they were always hard workers and "tax payers." What I'm trying to say to you all, Don't blame the parents for the way their child turned out, they did the best they could. thaddeus may have snatched the money from out of the man's hand, but one thing I do know for sure, and I'll put my life on it, he is no murderer.


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