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What's that old saying

What's that old saying again? Oh yeah... "All that's wrong is right...all that's right is wrong...will be the end of time"......... Here it is folks :-( As for the bail bondsman saying... "Take the load off the state, take the load off the tax payers, we are going to be responsible, and we are going to make sure that he shows up in court."...I say BULL! Throw them in a jail ranch in the middle of Montana with primary duties of cleaning up cow dung. That may make them think for a while. Oh yeah...throw the judge that set his bail in right behind him. Apparently Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous doesn't try hard enough to convince a judge that this is the wrong type of decision letting a repeated criminal back out. That may be another whole story within itself in the realm of our police management. Sorry Chief, but fight back...or at least prove you have. We as citizens always feel these types of decisions to let criminals out on bail is wrong. Are we so wrong to come to that conclusion as citizens, when these people are back on the streets free again? (i.e.) This guys criminal record backs up my question. Maybe he's got inside connections with the law...who knows? What's that old saying again????? And to the writer stating that someone at home will be this guys match "between the eyes" as it were...may come to pass soon enough. The law...or lack of...causes this way of thinking...and retaliation...and because people are forced to believe this way in self defense, they will become the ones on trial in the end. What's that old saying again?????


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