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"Alleged" Burglar back on the street

I must comment on this one. In our country there is a presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Perhaps the Chief is unfamiliar with the Bill of Rights. I can not believe he had the lack of thought to state anything that might predjudice the "alleged" criminal's right to an unbiased trial. Any half baked attorney should have no trouble appealing a conviction, if one occurs, solely on the inflammatory comments of the Chief. What was he thinking when he spoke those words? I saw nothing in your news broadcast outlining crimes of which the accused has been found guilty. Perhaps that is a good follow up for tonite. At the very least, the Chief has given the accused grounds to seek a change in venue -- something which will cost the city of Wilmington. At worst, he has given someone the grounds for an appeal and possible overturn of a conviction. It's one thing to be accused of a crime. It's another to be convicted. So far, there has been no conviction. Until he is convicted, he, like every other citizen, is entitled to the presumption of innocent until proven guilty. He may well be guilty. That's not for the Chief to say. That's for a court of law. One can only imagine there is an attorney somewhere who can see a nice defamation of character lawsuit and judgement for the "alleged" burglar if he is found inncoent. Let's hope the City has insurance to cover the defense costs and judgement. That might be a good question for "ask the Mayor".


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