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Another Problem

If this Gentlemen has such an extensive crimminal record, why was it not disclosed during the Bond Hearing? By crimminal record, one should not include convictions for DUI or Drug Possession. While serious crimes, they have no relevance to charges of breaking and entering. In reviewing all of the meida reports, I still see nothing which comments on convictions for robbery, breaking and entering, or even jay-walking. If everyone with a prior conviction for DUI is subsequently charged with a felony, are they presumed guilty decause of the DUI conviction? Again, I ask, what has he been convicted of that is a misdemeanor or felony other than DUI and drug possession? The real issue is how will the Chief's comments impact the outcome of a "fair and impartial" trial? Will this guy walk free, on appeal, due to public comments which might have been better made in private?


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