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surf city tom your comments

surf city tom your comments are just like those dime a dozen jail house lawyers criminals trying to represent them selves ,the chief evangelous was just stating his opion a constitutional right ,but as for a fact about rickenbacker he has pawn slips from pawn shops where he has already pawned and tried to pawn stolen goods that he broke and entered to get with finger prints and the stolen goods and no aliby to convince the da or a judge or a jury that he is innocent .rickrenbacker does have a record a arm long full of dwi and drug charges that are now felonys under new law but under old laws were misdemeanors .what gets me is that how he has 7 burgalry charges and 14 uttering charges ,"""""" why does rickenbacker not have 7 other bail bonds for the other charges .and 14 bail bonds for the other 14 charges . our judicial system is designed to help crimininals who abuse it .there is a point system a scale the judge goes by and it is based on your criminal record for setting a bond and for determining punishment and it is used exactly the same way for every one .the problem is like the chief said the point scale is letting this creep walk the streets and thats all he does is dwi, use drugs, and break and enter but his criminal record is on a low point scale but after he is convicted of those burglary and uttering charges rickenbacker will advance into a new bracket on the point or scale system .


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