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My Comments

Evidently you people can not read. My entire point has been that the Chief's comments, and those of every one posting here who rushes to find the accused guilty before his trial, give him the perfect out to walk on appeal if convicted. "The community was up in arms against him. Even the chief denied him his right to a fair and unbiased trial." I can hear some whining attorney right now. This guy would not need Matlock; Pee Wee Herman could get him off this one no matter how strong the evidence against him. And it will be entirely due to all the biased comments being made by the Wilmington Police Chief and the men or women on the street. Why don't you learn to read the entire post rather than bits and pieces? Let the man have his day in court. If he's convicted than y'all can do the Snoopy dance in the streets. You can stand outside the jail when he is loaded for transport to some correctional facility. As it is now, most likely he will get an attorney who can point to this stream of postings and rightly claim his client did not have a chance at a fair trial. And he will likely plea bargain the alleged crimminal to some form of substance abuse treatment and probation. You folks are going to help him prove the justice system works when he is able to walk free. One final thought; why have none of you registered with WWAY? Y'all appear as unrecognized Guests. I have yet to see one solid fact posted on this stream. All I see are a bunch of folks up in arms who likely have torches and a rope ready for a late night lynching. For the noGuest who did not have the conviction of purpose to identify himself, perhaps you should take some courses in grammar and punctuation.


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