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I am amazed at how many folks has responded this story. While there are many valid points discussed here, I have some simplistic thoughts. First, I think the school system should get back to the basics, and that is reading, writing and mathematics. Also, history and science are of equal importance, however, one must understand the basics before moving deeper. I have yet to read any headlines that Brunswick County Schools has reached a mastery in these most basic subjects. I know first hand that the basics went out of school a long time ago, and I feel that is why many of our students are comming out of high school unprepared for the future. While, I am not passing blame on the teachers, it is that the teachers are being told how (what) to educate the students. I will not even get started on the subject of drop out as I believe it also has SOME relationship to the basic education issues we have. Anyway, why not work on the basic education principles that we seem to have such a problem with. Lets leave this higher education stuff up to the colleges, that is their job. And one more thing, if you do not believe that we have basic education problems...Why does the Commuity College require testing to insure you are at the 10th. grade level before you can take certain BASIC level adult classes. (This is even if you have a DOCUMENTED HIGH School Diploma.) I urge the School Board to get back to basics of education. And I didnt even mention this "No Child Left Behind Act".


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