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Your talking about TWO different things here. NATURAL SELECTION I don't think ANYONE can argue with. It can be seen in the most simplest of life forms. HOWEVER, evolving from a single celled organism to more complex organisms to apes to humans...JUST DOESN'T HAPPEN...if it happened in the past, it must happen now. Where are the mid stages of this evolution, they would HAVE to have survived in some form. SOME other stage between apes and humans would be around today....They don't exist though, do they? NOWHERE in any rock record is ANYTHING like that demonstrated. Sure there are dinosaurs with what we think were feathers, but that doesn't necessarily mean they went from a lizard to a bird. By your thinking...we are just as much related if not MORE related to bananas than anything else. I guess you should think about that next time you eat a banana, your cousin.


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