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Science is for science

7969, let me help you with your understanding of science. Evolution is as close to fact as let's say gravity. Natural Selection is a theory that explains why things evolve. I think you got it backwards. Your debate is with Natural Selection. That's fine. Debate away. If someone says shut up and walk away from your beliefs, they are wrong and very unamerican. You are free to believe what you want in this country. Jews, Christians and Muslims all hold the book of Genesis in high regard. The issue here is whether to teach BELIEFS in a science class. Until we have true, testable verifiable facts that God did it or Buddha did it or Zeus did it, we must simply teach the science we have to date. Science is unafraid of change. Pluto was a planet now it is not. T-Rex was thought to stand upright, but now, through discovery of more evidence they believe he had to stand more bent over and behave more as a scavenger. Evidence for creationism has up to this point been simply poking holes in Evolution. Great. Simply saying we can't explain something so it must be your God who did it is not scientific. We wait for verifiable, peer reviewed proof. And while we wait, keep your faith. I'll keep mine. Science class will stay strictly science. A world religion class might help all of us understand and respect all the many belief systems of humanity. I am always in favor of more knowledge as opposed to less knowledge.


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