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Um, Yeah we do!

I don't know much about your magical fossils, but I do know about the fossils that have been discovered on Earth, and they do point to the change from "an ape-like ancestor to what we are today." And in response the the person's post about Darwin, if Darwin were still alive today he would most certainly have revised his stance which you quoted. Most of the relavent discoveries of the Homo species took place long after Darwin's time. Brief science/history lesson: The earliest ancestor was Homo (H.) habilis, then H. erectus, then H. rudolfensis, then H. georgicus, then H. ergaster, then H. antecessor, then H. cepranensis, then H. heidelbergensis, then H. neanderthalensis, then H. rhodesiensis, then H. sapiens sapiens, then H. sapiens idaltu, and finally H. floresiensis (the latter two are no longer living, obviously) And carbon-dating has verified the ages of each of these unique species. So, it would seem that evidence does exist to support such claims that there have been small variations in at least the skelletal make-up of humans.


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