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well if we're going this direction

How many theories of creationism are we putting forth? I mean, will there be equal representation of all forms of non-abiogenesis creation? If so, we might as well include the belief that the entire universe poofed into existence by a Flying Spaghetti Monster. It has all the same touches of improper logic as any other religious-based view on the origins of life. And the whole "we don't have transitional fossils" rhetoric is ridiculous. Do you honestly believe that we've uncovered every fossil on the planet? Do you honestly believe that it's even that easy to become fossilized? Just last year we've found YET ANOTHER transitional fossil from fish to amphibian and there are a good handful of transitional fossils from reptile to mammal. I'm sure that if you did research instead of dogmatically adhering to your own stance and giving blanket, generalized statements, you might learn something. If you want a good read on accepting evolution and keeping faith, I recommend you to google "patricia kelley evolution stance" and read the first site. Dr. Kelley is the head of the geology department and wife of the minister of Southport Presbyterian church and has no problem with accepting her religious beliefs with scientific enquiry.


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