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Helping Oak Island Make Money - Remember Every Buck Counts

There is a way that can help the Town make money. Oak Island has a deer population that is growing, right. The only way to prevent the deer from over populating is to shoot them. Well, I'm sure that the residents who live there would be complaining about someone shooting at dawn or dusk and disturbing their sleep. Sorta-kinda like the duck hunters in the winter time. If the Town would issue season permits for BOW HUNTING only, then they could revamp some of the money and help thin the deer population. You would still have to have a NC Hunting License. Bow hunting is quiet - so you wouldn't disturb the residents and the farthest someone would shoot is about 30 yards (90 feet) and you wouldn't have to worry about a stray bullet zipping along out there. I'm sure the town would appreciate the business from hunters coming out there and stopping in their stores for food and drinks. This way you don't have to have a special hunting permit that's out of season and it shouldn't cost no more that getting a season pass to go out on the beach with vehicle. It would be the only place in the state that does it and people from all over would come out and bow hunt. Think about it. (NO DOGS ALLOWED).


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