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Teachers beware,

All teachers need to be aware of who they are talking to and how they are addressing children. I recently had my son come home and tell me a story I thought was bullying by his teacher to him. The schools are supposed to have a "No Tolerance" policy for kids behaviors and yet the teachers do bullying in their own way and they aren't punished for it. It becomes the childs word against the teachers word. My son is 16 years old and attends High school. The teacher questioned my note for his abesence and then preceeded to tell him he was off the football team. That he talked to the coach and coach said he was off for missing too many days of practice. My son knew that wasn't true but his teacher kept on egging him on. My son got mad and blew his top at the teacher with words and yet my son was the one who ended up in ISSP for the remainder of the class time. Now , whos the bully in this situation? Some teachers need to be excused from their jobs, I would like to see this teacher gone. Especially when he finds out that my son just lost his grandfather to a car acceident and heart attack not two months ago. My son has only missed one day of school.


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