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BC BOE Principal threatened parent? Submitted by Donna Reisen (not verified) on 20 September 2008 - 7:13pm. Response/comments/Questions My name is Donna Reisen. My son is a 3rd grade student at JMME. Let me start by saying my son has been blessed with great teachers, but I too question some of these people allowed to be around my child. Mr. Gilbert for example, admitted adultery, accused of bringing guns on school property, and using school funds for god knows what. Ms. Rourk, the principal of my son’s school, using racial slurs and threatening to kill a parent. (Preserve the rights that are in the constitution that allow ever accused to face their accuser in an impartial court.) I myself have witnessed children being grabbed by a teacher. (Did you report this incident to the proper officials / authorities, as required by the law. If you are as concerned about the children as you say, you should have made the complaint.) Are you saying that you condone mistreatment of students? Let’s talk about the student that urinated on himself and was left to sit in it all day. (Did you or the parent bring this incident to the attention of staff or the administration?) How can the staff address and correct problems that they have no knowledge?) I know for a fact that it occurred because my own son pooped his pants and sat in it all day. When I picked him up at the end of the day I could smell it immediately. When questioned he said he was not allowed to go to the bathroom. The poor kid came home with a sore and bleeding butt. When school officials were questioned I was told the kids need to learn to hold it at which time I gave my son permission to go to the bathroom whenever he needed to and I would deal with anyone that tried to punish him. (I am concerned that there are gaps or enthusiasm in your story, however I wish you would have brought it to the attention of the appropriate staff.) I feel Mrs. Danka conducted herself better than I because if any teacher was to put their hands on my child I promise you my hands would be on them!!!! (Peace is the answer and I wonder what will your child learn from that response! I am beginning to get a picture of your character and you may be more dangerous than you allege or think Mr. Gilbert, Mrs. Rourk or even Mrs. Danka. Be careful how you write your thoughts because if something ever happens you may regret your words.) When someone decides to become a teacher they have a responsibility to conduct themselves in a manner which is suitable to be around such impressionable, young minds. They need to conduct themselves that way in public and even under stressful situations. (Parents should be childre/students 1st teacher- are you. What kind of parent are you as you have communicated possible threats to staff? I am not necessarily opposed to Mrs. Danka and here request to remove bad teachers, staff or even board members, I just disagree with the battles that she is fighting and the people that she has attacked appear to be doing more for our/your students than most in their position. My dad, retired/deceased Marine Corps Officer, told my sister and I that we can choose to win a few battles and loose the war or we can choose to win the war and suffer some setbacks in battle. You and Danka may loose some very valuable allies and even the war that you wage!) I DO NOT feel Mr. Gilbert or Ms. Rourk conducted themselves in that manner. Nor do I feel ANY adult has the right to put their hands on anyone’s child. It is the parent’s responsibility to discipline their children. (The beauty of America is that you have your right to think the way you do and the fact that Mr. Gilbert and Mrs. Rourk are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Check your facts, because it was a mistake that has caused many a problems in the world.) LoL.


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