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Replying to all cowards!!!

What I find amazing is that so many of you think you have the right to JUDGE me? You call me a racist, a nut, a liar and a bad mother. You all believe you have the right to freedom of speech, to slander my character and make judgments on me. It’s too bad that you also don’t have the courage to put your real name on these comments. Why is it that all cowards choose to remain anonymous? Let me give you a break down of what I have seen and done… When my children were in kindergarten I took time to come into the school and volunteer every chance my WORK schedule permitted me. At Easter time I arranged to get a bunny suit and spend hours (with Rourks' permission) walking around the school giving out candy (at my own expensive) in that suit. When my WORK schedule permitted I would come in to school early and make copies for the office that ended up in the evening folders. Anytime a teacher asked something from me, I was willing to help. My husband Edward and I also worked with Fran Thomas to tutor children to help the teachers. You say I have no right at a BOE meeting because I have no children in the public school system. There is only one board member that has children that attend Brunswick County schools, so are you telling me the other 4 do not belong there either? If that is the case Patricia Rourk, her mother (Marian Reid), Ann Stanley, Ruby Stanley, Mrs. Duncan and a number of other people that were present at the BOE meeting Tuesday evening have no right either. If you do not live in County you should keep your nose out of our business. You say our son was a problem. How cowardly to make remarks about a child you probably have never met. You must be so proud of yourselves. For your information he is a wonderful, bright, friendly, caring, giving child. I do not believe children are liars nor have an axe to grind. What kind of children are YOU raising? You ask why I am only advocating for the children at this end of the county. This is where I live, shop and where people approach me! I have not heard of staff at Union, Waccamaw or other school in this district having such problems. You may not want me standing up for your child but a lot of parents do! If Ann Stanley did not have that child sit in urine why was she dismissed? Is the BOE using this as a cover for OTHER things she has done to children or was she dismissed over this issue? As we know in Brunswick County we do not dismiss school employees because they are accused of something. If so Ms. Rourk would at the very least be suspended. If I was a threat to the children then why didn’t she take action to have me removed or barred from the school? Isn’t she supposed to be looking out for the welfare of the children? Why did the staff or Rourk not speak up? Why did I only become a problem when I spoke up? It was blogged that I showed up at school to pick up my children in a bikini. I won’t even justify that with a response because it is so ridiculous. Regardless of what I wore this has nothing to do with my dispute with some of the staff at JMME. As to the matter of my employment that is no one’s business but mine and my husband’s and again has nothing to do with this dispute. As to my arrest today consider these facts. I filed charges against Ms. Rourk immediately following the incident on Tuesday evening, Sept. 16. The person who filed the assault charges against me was Ms.Rourk’s mother. The interesting thing is that she claims I assaulted her on Tuesday, Sept. 16 but she didn’t file charges against me until Thursday, Sept. 18. Why did she wait 2 days to file her charges? Also, why was it that a police officer was dispatched to my home to transport me to the courthouse in Boliva to appear in person before a magistrate while Ms. Rourk only received a summons to appear on Oct. 15? Are there different processes for regular citizens and government employees? I find it interesting that so many can spend so much time blogging about inconsequential matters such as what I wear and where I work. Look at the real issues regarding our schools. If these petty matters are all you can blog about you need to get a life of your own. You can’t have ours. My family and I are already using it. Tracey Danka


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