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Im still not really clear as

Im still not really clear as to why you were even there if you dont have kids in the public school system. I have chosen to enroll my children in private school and really dont think anything that goes on in the public school's affects me or my family. I havent read any comments calling your child a problem or any degrading name. I will however ask why are people sending there 6-7 year old kids to school not potty trained? I thought that was a requirement unless the child was special needs? I can see some kids not even saying they soiled themselves and maybe teachers not knowing. You have things you expect these teachers to do for your kids like teaching them to read and write and they have expections of you also like helping with homework coming to confrences and potty training your child before the first grade. I would assume what you do for work has to be something to hide if you wont speak proudly of it, one can assume what you do if you freely go to public places wearing very little clothing, especailly to a school where there are young children. They have dresscodes inplace and everyone on campus should abide including guest. Seems to me you spent sometime in the school and feel like things should go your way but in reality things are fair for everyone. I think the law was sent to your house to escort you to court because of the way you have conducted yourself. Who goes to a public meeting to pick a fight? I would also like to ask how your child feels about this? It truly effects them way beyond your court date. I also want to say that maybe your job, choice of language and atire have a lot to do with the way the public is accepting your complaint valid or not. What about your husband? Was he at the meeting that had nothing to do with you and your family? Looks to the average person that you have just picked a person and went on a high school like ambush.... I will also tell you sometimes the public schools arent that bad a lot of times the same things go on in private settings its just the people who attend that private school conduct themselves accordingly and come to solutions to help the school and better the student. All this seems to have put Brunswick County School's down again.Those poor kids.... I would be very upset if my child was attending any school in a community that dosent have any pride. Your children need to know that everything they do is supported 100% and this includes their schools. Acting like this just creates an environment for the student's to fail.You can point fingers all you want but the problem starts at home. I know my children mimick my behavior so what would make youres any diffrent? I just hope for the sake of every child involved this finds resolution very soon.....


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