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Business as usual

As usual, the naacp can't wait to jump into a situation before the facts are known. It seems we witnessed this type of thing before in the DUKE LACROSSE TEAM attempted railroad. Isn't it funny though, that Preachers, Pastors, Clergy, and "community leaders" are always more interested in race than the truth. If it weren't for evidence, rule of law, and a court system where truth matters, these same "Ministers and Reverends" would have had innocent men in prison. And when the truth came out, did they go on the news and correct the position they took? Absolutely not. I think when the lawyers get thru with Nifong ( the crooked prosecutor ), they should turn interest to the people who announced the players guilt, with absolutely NO EVIDENCE. I guess being a racist preacher means telling the truth as he see's it, not necessarily as it is. These "men of the cloth" are yappers. Look at me, Look at me. It's time they are held accountable to the TRUTH, and not be allowed to defame, lie, or distort the TRUTH. Wait for the outcome. We may all be surprised.


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