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Let Rourk fight her own battles

NAACP why is it when a black citizen is involved in an issue you always step in & claim racism. Why can't Pat Rourk be in the wrong. I had to face the wrath of Pat Rourk myself. I chose to handle my situation quietly. Tracey has chosen to handle hers more vocally. That doesn't make her any worse or better of a person than myself. Can you honestly say you know Tracey Danka as a person. No you can't! Did you know that last year she would take home a Black teachers assistants son home with her after school to have playdates with her son. She would also let him come over on the weekends. She would do the same things with him as she would her own children. Do you know the Tracey's cousin is married to a man that happens to be a Black? Do you know that if she & her husband were to die today that her 2 children would be raised by a Black woman. Can members of the NAACP say that if they were to die that their child/children would be left to a White woman to raise? I think not!!! Not all things are as easy as playing the race card & if this were a racial incident wouldn't White Dr McGee & White Mr Chestnut have already fired Black Ms Rourk??? The NAACP always plays the Black Card never getting to the real bottom of things. That sounds like racism to me. Where is the National Association of White People when you need them???


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