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Wake Up

Wake up people. Haven't you figured it out by now?? No matter what Patricia Rourk does Dr Katie McGee will never do anything to her. Why you ask? Well, let me tell you. #1 Because she is black. The NAACP have already jumped in & cried racism with this Tracy Danka thing. Ask yourselves why is it that a white magistrate chose to issue Pat Rourk a Summons to Appear rather than an Arrest Warrant like the black magistrate issued on Tracey Danka. All Tracey Danka did was wave her hands in a so called threatening manner. Pat Rourk threatened to KILL Tracey Danka. Don't you think saying you are going to kill someone is worse than waving your hands? This is the type of person we have around our elementary students on a daily basis. #2 Jessie Mae Monroe was in fact her grandmother. Therefore, no matter what Patricia Rourk does or says she will not be removed from Monroe Elementary. She can go out & get 10 DUIs or maybe even Kill someone like she said & she would still be principal of Monroe Elementary from a prison cell. Grandma Jessie Mae Monroe doesn't your granddaughter make you so Proud. To bad she couldn't follow more in your footsteps because from what I understand you were a great educator and person. #3 She has most of her staff afraid to speak out in fear of their jobs. She's made those threats loud & clear, just ask some of the teachers who were lucky enough to get a transfer out or even those who quit just to get away from her. Ask those that are still there but are afraid to speak to the people Pat Rourk doesn't like in fear of their jobs as well. I have also seen the 2 faces of Pat Rourk. As long as you (how do I say this nicely) KISS HER BUTT & Agree with everything she says then you will not have any problems what so ever. It's only when you disagree with her that the true Pat Rourk comes out. And as for Terressa Gause her #1 right now, I recall just a few years ago you were also on the darkside of Pat Rourk and couldn't wait to get out either!


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