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RE: Let Rourk fight her own battles

I don't recall the news media every referencing that Tracy Danka is a racist. Therefore the typical defense that she has a black friend or she has taken black kids into her home is not necessary. And the situation about her cousin being married to a black person is just too far fetched. Perhaps the other side to the story is Tracy now has nothing to do with her cousin because she married someone black - who knows? who cares? What does that have to do with this case or the price of tea in China? The NAACP as well as other members in the community should get involved. Enough has been enough for quite some time. There have been personnel in the Brunswick County School System that have been subject to discrimination for years. Katie McGee and the members of the school board lead the pack. Tracy Danka has pushed herself into the spotlight over the past year. Why is she targeting those at Jessie Monroe School if her kids are no longer there. She recognizes how quick the worthless superintendent and board members move to investigate a complaint, especially when black personnel are involved, so she just keeps going. She already had a teacher's assistant fired from the school, and now, its something else. Its unfortunate the school board didn't move so quickly to investigate when the teacher was having relations with the student he ultimately married.


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