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The fact that Tracy is still

The fact that Tracy is still pushing Pat Rourke is that her situation has never been resolved. As a former employee of JMME under the administration of Rourke I can attest to the fact that if Mrs. Danka's concern had been handled from the beginning this issue would be over. I myself have seen the teacher in question handle children in a very rough manner and that many complaints have been made against her to no avail. Is this because the teacher is black? I have no idea! I would hope not. What I do know is there has never been an official consequence to her actions. Mrs. Danka, I'm sure, is still fighting for the future of ALL children and not just her own. I have had the pleasure of getting to know her children and I can surely say that they are not a behavior problem in school. And she and her husband are very supportive of the school they are enrolled in now. When professional teachers act in a professional manner there is usually not a problem. As for Mrs. Rourke, she speaks very softly until she is crossed. I have seen the Jeckyl and Hyde effect with her and left the school system because that is not what I am about. The sumer that I resigned, 14 other staff members left. There is a reason for that. Too much staff turn over is happening at that school that can easily be avoided by simply replacing Mrs. Rourke. Something is very wrong there that the parents nor the media ever see. Do your own research on the number of staff members leaving or transferring out of JMME and decide for yourself if you would be at peace with your child walking the hallways. The staff are wonderful loving people for the most part but morale suffers greatly and the stress put on the staff by Rourke's bully tactics takes it's toll on even the most responsible and wonderful staff member. I was lucky enough in my family situation to be able to walk out but many are not. These people have to keep their jobs in order to care for their families. The truth will come out and all will see the true Pat Rourke just as I have.


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