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LIVID doesn't even BEGIN to express how I feel about this whole thing. They want my child to be bused to Freeman...what the heck is that all about?! I don't see anybody in Landfall or Forest Hills being bussed over to Freeman. I got bussed from my side of town to the other side of town for school and I REMEMBER was the most HORRID experience I EVER had in a school. I was mixed in with families that didn't share the values or ideals of my family or neighborhood families. I WILL fight this tooth and nail. I will REFUSE to send my child ACROSS TOWN to some school where they are in my opinion in a dangerous environment mixed with children who's families don't hold the same ideals and thoughts about life and my kids future. This whole thing about busing kids across town again shows government WASTE and ABUSE! I am quickly becoming SICK OF IT! Don't you DARE punish MY CHILD for the failure of the SCHOOL and its students to hold themselves to higher standards! Hold the teachers, families and students of whatever school that is failing RESPONSIBLE and leave my kid alone!


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