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people have the right to live in an area which they want there children to go to school.. but on the other side it is not fair that the lower income families cant afford the same options.. Every child has an equal right to the same kind of education.. we have elementary schools that are not performing at acceptable levels.. by moving children around to better the grades does not work.. Its not the child's fault for the poor performance.. we should look at the leaders at those schools. and the school itself..are the teachers and administration at those schools motivated to lead.. do they have a comfortable, clean, updated envirement that the other schools have.. do the leaders have the motivation to do their jobs.. when a organization fails in any business the leaders are responsible . The school system is no different . in my opinion the low performing schools need better qualified personal.. they need to upgrade the school. draw interest by paying the leaders in those schools to stay.. you can bring in kids all over the county to those schools, but you will still have the same leaders.. The transferring kids will not be the one's doing the teaching. to recap.. just because a child grows up in a lower income family, it does not mean he performs lower than anyone else. the student is only as good as their teachers. The teachers are only as good as there leaders. this is not a complete knock on the teachers in those schools.. they need the motivation to perform. they need a clean and safe envirement. updated facility , and incentative pay to perform to the best of their capabilities. thank you Glen Severage


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