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I agree

With one of the plans My son will go from walking a block to school to being bussed 6 miles away. How does that make any sense. Where he is now I can walk him to school, talk to his teachers, check on his behavio ran dwhat he needs to be a better student. If it is switched I will never be able to do that. I don't have the time to drive in the traffic every morning to the proposed school. As far as switching teachers, paying them more etc.. that will not solve the real problem with the school that are failing. I work with many teachers in all different schools and they are on the whole very capable. It is the kids and their lack of parenting and parents concern for their education that is the problem. I meet with the families and ask them if they know what classes they are having trouble in and most of the time they have no idea what classes their kids are even in no less who the teacher is or what homework they were assigned. You could have the best teachers in Wimington at the worst school and it won't help if mom, grandmother or whoever else is raising the kids don't care about it. I am always amazed when the parents tell me they have no idea what their report card said or if they know that they were skipping school or suspended. It is a shame.


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