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against neighborhood schools

I am a mother of 6 & I have 3 children that attend public school.I am against neighborhood schools because they are not realistic & I don' t see howthey'll produce well rounded children if they're not exposed to a diverse collection of people & I'm not limiting that to race alone but also to include diversity in socio-economic backgrounds. They're going to have to coexist & be able to relate with people of all walks of life in life & I don't see how neighborhood schools promotes that.Children need exposure to diversity from the people they're in contact with to the food they eat. The way the districts are now I don't see it I see segregation. My children attend Freeman, it's a low performing school not because of the educators there(they have a wonderful spectrum of staff that have the children BEST intrests at heart)but because the school is concentrated with children from low income families that don't have a lot of the resourses that higher income families have at their disposal.Our school is going to continue to lag behind with this financial imbalance.How can the PTA be properly funded when families don't have the financial resources to contribute? I am including my family in the low income bracket because even though my husband and I don't qualify for government assistance we bust our tails to provide for our family. I am a retail store manager & my husband is a marine mechanic & works a second job & sometimes our school involvement gets compromised either in attendence or finacially,not that we don't care but we have to provide for our family also.I am for busing my children to give them the divesity they crave, it will provide them with a better learning enviroment. Education is the key to success & I want my kids to have that,the best possible education.They won't acheive that with neighborhood schooling.For the parents in favor of neighborhood schooling I suggest you rent a building & home school or enroll in private school we lower income working families don't have that luxury. End the sterotypes.


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