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Who is stereotyping here? No

Who is stereotyping here? No one on this message board is proposing that school district lines be gerrymandered to excluded low income families. Neighborhood school advocates prefer district lines be based on geography. It's understandable that you sometimes can't attend school functions because of work. How hard do you think it would be to attend school functions if your child's school is on the other side of town from where you live? If the school system goes back to busing, and those who favor neighborhood schools turn to private schools (per your suggestion), what happens to diversity then? Ask the public school system in Nashville, TN, which has seen a 20% decrease in white attendance in the past 10 years. Atlanta schools are now about 85% minority participation. Blaming PTA funds for school inequality is a red herring. Schools with a high ratio of students who receive free or reduced price lunches get Title I funding that other schools do not. Rachel Freeman's Title I allocation this year was $246,000. My neighborhood school receives $0 under Title I. PTA Funds at our school are negligible in comparison to your school's Title I largess. I was at Rachel Freeman last week and was very impressed by the facilities. Beautiful school. Bathrooms and multipurpose room are much nicer than the facilities at my neighborhood school. You even have flat screens in the cafeteria. I do not begrudge these differences, but it is hard to swallow the argument that your school is short on resources when I compare both schools' facilities. It has been shown over and over again that busing children to promote economic diversity does not have an appreciable effect on either test scores or closing the achievement gap. This county bused children for over 40 years - if it worked we would have never changed to the neighborhood school model.


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