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Dear Misguided Person, Consider This...

You are making a big fool out of yourself. You really know nothing about what the data says concerning busing. It is time to tell you some painful truths: a. Busing has not, in the last 40 years, shown that it benefits any student. In fact, it causes a great degree of alienation to the students and families involved. b. All schools receieve the same amount of money per student from the state. In fact, poor schools get a lot of extra money from Title 1 programs. Schools with high minority counts actually get a little more. Also, they can get more from special CIS programs and federal programs like More at Four. c. It has been shown, though not widely published, that the only way to bridge the gap between high preforming students and low preforming students is to lower the top. In other words, you have to dumb down the cirriculum so that the bottom can catch up. d. Please remember that, at least at the moment, we live in a capitalist society that does NOT provide that we are economically equal. There is nothing that can be done to remedy that except the dissolution of private ownership and the establishment of a communist regime. (Although, we have seen that is not successful or egalitarian either way) e. Stop whining and be glad that you live in a society that does provide free and appropriate education to our youth. f. Quit looking for a hand out or trying to make someone else miserable because you wish you had more.


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