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Ill bite. truth at all actually. We are all created equal, right? IF that is true, which I believe it is, then EVERY SCHOOL should have the equal opportunity to succeed and do well. That isn't happening. What those that aren't doing well want to do is PUNISH those mean ole middle class people that have sinned against man and done well for themselves, put themselves thru college, etc. What is happening is that people want to HIDE what the schools are doing by mixing children in that ARE doing well to help bring scores for that school up...basically bringing EVERY school to a MEDIAN score. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE...EVERY school should strive to do BETTER than the NC average. By hiding the problem by busing children in we do NOTHING to help those that need it most. It sets those individuals up to think that there is always someone out there to bring them out of a problem. I could care LESS about what color someone is...I will NOT, however, allow my child to be punished for my hard work and dedication to succeed in life! EVERY SCHOOL needs to get the money and supplies they need and I will FIGHT with you on that, even if it means increase in already high taxes. Also, money used for gas to bus children all over the county should be used to TEACH! Obviously it's needed in some of the schools.


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