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Its not about the school

I'm sorry but moving kids around is just going to cause trouble. I know that when I was in school, being comfortable in your environment really contributed to success all around. Moving these kids will just cause a decline in their attitude thus resulting in lowered grades. Not a good idea. On top of that, success in schools is not a result of the school. As another poster pointed out, all of the schools have the same potential to excel. My sister teaches at a very low-income school in Charlotte and is an amazing educator. Other top-performing schools offered her positions but she opted to take this one to make a difference (and she is a UNCW graduate). Many of the low-performing schools are a direct result of the parents, not the school resources or educators. If the parents would make more of an effort to push the importance of education and be a role model for why education leads to success, we wouldn't have this problem. Unfortunately low-income areas tend to have a lack of direction given to the kids by the parents, not the schools. It all starts at home and until parents begin to invest in their kids' lives and education, this won't change and moving kids who do have that nurturing is only punishing them and their parents for having that vested interest in their kids' education.


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