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"Luke had a chance to stand

"Luke had a chance to stand trial. He CHOSE to plead guilty to avoid all the evidence against being made public. He KNOWS what he did and knows it was wrong. His first attorney told him to plea and he fired him. He tried it again with this attorney and wanted ANOTHER continuance. Denied. Face the facts. Innocent people don't plead to crimes they didn't do. He is guilty as sin"

Are kidding? Evidence, what evidence? Oh, you must mean the results of te DNA for Semen that came back NEGATIVE.Wait a minute, did you mean all the witnesses interviewed by the state? Couldn't be that, everyone of those would have been in favor of Mr Stidham.I bet you were talking about the Forensic Exam of Mr Stidhams computer. the one the state said in open court "Was never ordered" I'm sorry, twice the state said that in open court. It couldn't be that because according to a fax from the state to the defence attorney they would be getting the results from that exam the next day, and this was a month BEFORE trial.I bet you were talking about all the statements made that this girl had a history of accusing others of the same if they ticked her off. Nope, I bet the evidence that yr alking about is when she tried taking her taking 8 freaking Tylonals. Yeah, yr right, I can't see anyone wanting all that evidence open to the public, the thing is the ony one I would think wouldn't want this public would be the state. Get access to and find out for yr self..


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