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Who knows what was going

Who knows what was going through their minds. When I was 14, I was learning about boys and l wanted someone to like me, if I put out, I was liked. It usually came from older guys because they knew how to "sweet talk". This world is a crazy place and with out supportive family and friends, low self-esteem will bring one to a chatroom looking for something their missing. I am speaking of the man and the little girl. I now have 3 children, two are teens. We eat dinner every night at the kitchen table, their friends are always welcome over the house, and I am active in each school as a volunteer. I do this so they know I care and to support them through this crazy time of life. I pray that my children never go looking for attention in a chat room. I can only guide them to make the right choices, I can't do it for them. I feel for the families involed, they did ask to be apart of any of this


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