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This guy is a petifile and undeserving of this plea bargain!

Fishers Wife, your position that eludes fault on the victim in this case sickens me almost as much as the crime the rapists committed and by the way stood in a court room and out of his own mouth said, "guilty your honor!" The fact remains if the accused and now the convicted really believed he did nothing wrong he could have taken his chances in a trial and judged by his peers. If my math is right at the time He was 36 and she was 14! A 14 year old child! There is no circumstance that could ever lesson the weight of the criminal act of this mature man taking indecent liberties with a child of that age. NOT ONE! Think back to when you were 14. Most of us at that age thought we knew it all and adults were just a bunch of old fogies. Now looking back we all see how little we knew at that age. This poor child is the victim and can not be and should not be held accountable in any way! I don't know her, would not recognize her if she were standing beside me but, I do know at 14 she did not stand a chance when being pursued by a 36 year old man. A law enforcement officer no less! He is a disgrace to himself and all law enforcement! No one in this blog is casting judgement. They, and I are simply voicing our disgust over an admitted pedophile. Judgment was passed in a court of law when he admitted his guilt. As far as why he got off so easy and easy he did get, frankly, I am surprised that Rex Gore did not allow him to plea to driving left of center! I blame the prosecution for going to soft. If this sicko had been over in another county I do not believe he would have been given this kind of deal. To think he wanted to fire his attorney! With this "bargain" he should get on his knees and kiss his attorney's butt. That is, right after he got through kissing Rex Gore's butt! As far as the Boiling Spring Lakes Police Department goes, it has become a joke since Chief White left. The current Chief with his questionable background has just put on a new officer that not only has convictions for passing worthless checks but is married to a women currently on parole for forgery and uttering! If it were not so sad it would be funny at what the town of BSL and the Police Department will accept for employment. Not only are the citizens subjected to this but the good cops that work and serve BSL are unduly soiled by this. Back to this case, I feel sorry for the victim and not the sick pedophile that committed the crime. I am amazed at the restraint of the father of the victim. It would have been understandable if the pedophile had never made it to trial and the father of the victim ended up charged with a crime. That may have been justice on one hand but it would have been even more tragedy for the victim and her family. Now you somehow would white wash this and down play the guilt of this sick pedophile. You would try to past some shadow of blame on this 14 year old child. Someone I just met in the last few months told me something and I can not think of a better case to apply the saying to. "No matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you work at it, you simply can not polish a turd."


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