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What is going on in this world!

Oh my gracious what a horible, horible man! And you say there is a fire man that did the same thing to her? How in the world did he get out with just this little jail time and what about that fire man did they just let him go? If my mama or daddy would have caught me or my sister when we were just 14 with a grown man he would have killed that man and then he would have skint me alive. That horrible man was the police to. The paper said some stuff about the police chief and his son was a criminal and now they say the police is going to hire someone else that breaks the law and his family to! Why are the town thinking like that? We need to be protected from bad people and our children to. People in this town should be mad about all this and somebody like the mayor or somebody should be doing something about this. There is something bad wrong with what them elected people are doing. I feel sorry for that little girl and her mama and daddy.


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