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Luke Stidham stood in a court of law and said he was guilty. What more does anyone need to know than that? As far as not having representation, that is a joke. Luke Stidham had two years from the time he was charged to the time he entered the courtroom. How much time does it take to decide on an attorney? Luke Stidham could have elected to have a trial and argued his case before a jury of his peers. He did not! Even if there was something to the late coming allegation that he was not being represented as he should he still could have elected for a trial and with that election he would have had the option to appeal on the grounds of not being properly represented. If there was any truth to that allegation, he would have gotten another trial. There are no appeals to a guilty plea. He knew that when he opted to take the plea. So, with all of the above being true, if Luke Stidham was railroaded it was because he was the conductor of the engine!


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