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BSL Citizens, Do You Really Want To Know?

If you want answers to your questions then I suggest you go to this site, It gives the contacts by email and home phone for the Mayor as well as all the commissioners and the town manager. The one exception is the new councilman that is not listed yet. However, he had nothing to do with what has gone on in the last year. Some things you may want to inquire about as to the police department. Is it true when the current Chief of Police was hired that, the only two town officials that had any say so about this was then Mayor, Joan Kinney and town Manger David Lewis? Was it also true that both Kinney and Lewis left in the dark, and/or did not discuss this hiring in any official capacity with any other town council member? Were they, Kinney and Lewis, aware there were allegations against that person, Ballree, at his previous home and position? Now, to be fair to Ballree, it has been found by the state there is no "probable cause" to take action on those allegations. But, that determination came over a year after the allegations were made because Ballree himself REFUSED to face them at his old post! Therefore, is it true that the taxpayers of BSL paid for all time and efforts for Ballree to defend himself on a matter that was not cleared BEFORE Kinney and Lewis made the hire? Is it true, that a background investigation on Ballree fully disclosed to Kinney and Lewis that Ballree would be bringing and adult felon (his son) to live with him inside the BSL city limits? Also, is it true that the felony committed was the steeling of firearms from the police department in Mount Olive that Ballree was chief of at the time? Is it true that in the end the felonious son only received probation? And, is that not out of the ordinary for sentencing for steeling firearms? In short, did Ballree use his position to make sentencing liter on his son? Is it true, that further in the background investigation it was revealed that Ballree had filed for protection under the federal bankruptcy laws and then was hired to look after a police department with a budget in the area of one half million dollars? Is it true that Ballree has used a town car for personal use since being hired as Chief of Police here? Further, if allegations were made to the SBI with evidence to such, would he be willing to take a polygraph stating that he has not? Think about this one long and hard Chief Ballree! And, Joan and David! More to do with the BSL Police Department, Is it true that Ballree is taking into consideration the hire a person with questionable liabilities including a wife that has been put on probation for "forgery and uttering"? Is it true that knowing the background of the above the Chief still spent hundreds of dollars in the required testing (mental, drug, etc.) for the same? As to the latest tax spending waste, Is it true, that David Lewis has given the OK for office workers for the town of BSL to order new desks, chairs, you name it, to go in the new town hall? And, why not just move the old ones? Some may call the above rumors. I believe them to be facts! All it takes is for the citizens to call and ask to find out. Better yet, ask them to give you an answer in writing. Believe me or not. Just go to the web site get the info and make the calls asking the questions. DEMAND ANSWERS IN WRITTING! Decide for yourself. Lastly, thank you my friend for showing me how to find all these things and how to find the truth. I have no idea if WWAY will print this. I have tried for quite a while to get the larger questions that many of us have out. This may be my last attempt. But, if it gets printed, take the time to make the calls. We deserve to know, one way or the other.


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