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"Guilty your honor"

Luke had a chance to stand trial. He CHOSE to plead guilty to avoid all the evidence against being made public. He KNOWS what he did and knows it was wrong. His first attorney told him to plea and he fired him. He tried it again with this attorney and wanted ANOTHER continuance. Denied. Face the facts. Innocent people don't plead to crimes they didn't do. He is guilty as sin. I hate it for his family. They have to deal with this. As far as his sentence, I do think it is too light. That is typical for someone who will admit guilt and save the taxpayers money for a trial and having to support them in prison for long periods of time. He could have gone for 73-92 months just on the 2nd degree rape. He got the low end of the structured sentence. He could have faced up to 16-20 months for EACH indecent liberties. That is a total of 107-132 months or 9 years 11 months to 11 years in prison. A guily man needs to decide, do I want out in 4 1/2 years or 10 years. I dont think that would be a tough decision. Now this is over and BSL Police Department came wipe this off and move forward.


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